The Roller Rabbit story began

in India with a piece of

discarded fabric.

More than a piece of hand block printed cotton, this fabric told the magical tale of a rabbit and its quest for joy, leading us to what we are doing today - making clothing, accessories and home furnishings that make us happy. The playful print, incredible attention to detail, and hand-made nature of what we saw in India many years ago led us to become the brand we are today.

Our Story

Our mission is to outfit vibrant lives with clothes and accessories that make us dream, lift us up, let us play, put us at ease and free us to cherish every moment with our loved ones. Today, our Roller Rabbit makes everything from ready-to-wear, accessories, bedding and, of course, our iconic sleepwear. 


We are a feel-good company. We strive to feel good by finding the joy in life. To us, it's the journey not the destination. We believe feeling good is something to strive for in every area and season of life. It's our mission to find the magic in every moment. While we resonate with many things, to us, fun, vibrancy and togetherness are the pillars of a feel-good life that represent how we see the world, and how our community sees itself.  

To us, family is everything. However you define family, we believe that true joy means sharing the best that life has to offer with those that make life worth living. In moments both big and small we build meaning out of connection. 


We believe fun is more than our calling card - it's our calling. Our light-hearted perspective lets us find the humor in any situation, and see every moment as an opportunity to laugh, enjoy ourselves and make those around us a little happier.


We cherish the bright side and aim to always lead colorful lives. We express this through print, pattern and palettes that make us happy, in pursuits that bring us delight, and a spirit of ease and play that makes it all more interesting. 


In our own unique way, in our own optimistic style, we hope to bring the world a little closer together, starting with our family and yours.

We think that a little

imperfect is just the right

amount of perfect.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship



At Roller Rabbit, we believe how something is made is just as important as the finished product. We take inspiration from our surroundings, the places we've traveled to, the stories we've shared, and the communities we've met along the way.


From India to Peru, Italy to Portugal, Kenya to Nicaragua and even here in the United States, we work with artisans and materials that we believe in. From exclusive capsule collections created by empowered women to financially support their families, to our iconic hand-drawn, bold patterns and prints brought to life by artisans using time-honored techniques and traditions passed down from generation to generation, each and every piece at Roller Rabbit is truly special. 

We partner with those who are the very best at what they do. Each and every one of them is a part of the Roller Rabbit story. 


The way we create our products may not be the fastest but in an ever-changing world, Roller Rabbit desires to use business to do good and share joy from around the world.